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Mobilify is a robust tool that controls all your phones or emulators. We have developed tailored software tools that will perform on your phones or emulators automatically, without you needing to do any coding, or development.

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  • Spotify Mobile
  • Napster Mobile
  • Deezer Mobile
  • Tidal Mobile
  • Pandora Mobile

A All-in-One solution , providing the best Stability you will find on the market to control your devices or emulators.

effectAdvanced Tasks

Create tasks with our advanced features.

effectEasy Management

Effortlessly manage everything with our user-friendly dashboard.

effectCloud Resources

Store all your resources in the cloud for easy access.

effectMultiple Tools

Experience seamless support for multiple platforms.

Next Level Management

The best way to control your devices without struggles

Introducing a revolutionary software that allows you to connect all your devices or emulators to our panel, and from there assign them tasks to perform on specific devices. You can run multiple tasks across different devices at the same time without any limitations!

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Welcome to Mobilify

Mobilify is an innovative software-as-a-service platform designed to empower you with efficient and performant tools for mass control of phone farms or emulators. With our advanced dashboard, you can easily automate and manage your phone farms, allowing you to take your automation game to the next level.

Currently, we offer BOTs such as Spotify Streaming and Account Creation, Deezer Streaming, Pandora Streaming, Napster Streaming, Tidal Streaming, enabling you to automate these platforms using your phone farms. We are continuously expanding our list of supported platforms and BOTs, adding new ones every month to provide you with a comprehensive automation solution.

Why choose Mobilify?

  • tickWe are the only platform in the world that offers this level of automation control for phone farms or emulators.
  • tickUnlock advanced level options and capabilities to elevate your automation game.
  • tickLeverage our efficient and performant software tools backed by over 6 years of experience.

Unleash limitless potential with advanced features

Quality Support

Get Clear Answers to Your Questions for Simplified Work

Stable Tools

Experience Error-Free Performance with Our Reliable Software

Streaming Tools

Elevate Your Artists with Our Streamlining Tools


Efficiently Run Multiple Tasks or Queue Them on Our System

IMAP Verification

Connect Your IMAPs for Required Verifications

Cloud Resources

Store All Your Resources on Our Online Dashboard

Device/Emulator Ready

Compatible with Real Devices and Emulators

Statistics Dashboard

Easily Track Results on Our Cloud Dashboard

Software Pricing

Find which softwares we currently have for Mobilify.


AIO Streamer

$499 Discount

/ month

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    Spotify, Napster, Deezer, Pandora, Tidal

  • arrow

    Plays Playlists\Album\Tracks

  • arrow

    Positions or All

  • arrow

    Playtime seconds or ranges

  • arrow

    PPA Options and Multiple Controls

  • arrow

    Store Account Cookies

  • arrow

    Generation Options

  • arrow

    Uses Proxies or Mobile SIM Cards(Switches IPs)

  • arrow

    Supports Phones and Emulators

  • arrow

    Premium APK

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Spotify Creator


/ month

  • arrow

    Creates Accounts

  • arrow

    Solves Captchas

  • arrow

    Stores on Dashboard

  • arrow

    Humanized Accounts

  • arrow

    Verifies with IMAP on Phone

  • arrow

    Uses Proxies or Mobile SIM Cards(Switches IPs)

  • arrow

    Supports Phones and Emulators

  • arrow

    Premium APK

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Have inquiries? In our FAQ, you'll find all the solutions you need.

Yes, you can buy any of our preset tools and control your real phones automatically.

Yes it is, we give detailed intructions to new customers , to ensure they learn the platform the best way.

Currently we only take crypto-currency payments
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